LiDAR Hawaii combines its Aerial LiDAR and Bathymetric LiDAR Mapping Services with our land surveying services. We offer a full range of licensed professional land surveying services for a complete solution for your LiDAR project requirements. Our services are perfect for civil engineering projects, urban development, mapping erosion from sea level changes, environmental conservation, and more.

Licensed Land Surveying Services

Land Surveying + LiDAR Mapping + Bathymetric LiDAR

Thomas G. Pattison State of Hawaii Licensed Professional Land Surveyor LPLS No. 10743

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Land Surveying Services

Thomas G. Pattison

State of Hawaii Licensed Professional Land Surveyor LPLS No. 10743

Need land surveying services for your next LiDAR mapping project? In addition to LiDAR mapping services, LiDAR Hawaii offers a wide range of professional land surveying services. Our team of high-tech professionals are experienced in land surveying services like topographic mapping, as-built surveys, metes and bounds legal descriptions, and more. 

LiDAR mapping for civil engineering projects, urban development, and environmental conservation often requires additional land surveying work. Land survey work and land survey maps are often an integral part of large LiDAR projects. In addition to LiDAR project deliverables, we also offer as-built surveys, utility easements, ingress and egress easements, metes and bounds legal descriptions, and much more.

Airborne LiDAR bathymetry projects most often require land survey work on the adjoining shoreline or coastline. We combine bathymetric LiDAR with aerial terrestrial LiDAR. In addition to digital 3D modeling deliverables, our company offers shoreline surveys, shoreline maps, shoreline certificates, topographic maps, and much more. 

LiDAR Hawaii offers a complete solution for LiDAR mapping projects which require bathymetric LiDAR, aerial terrestrial LiDAR, and licensed land surveying services. 

Ground Truthing LiDAR Data

As a State of Hawaii Licensed land surveyor, Thomas Pattison ensures highly accurate LiDAR mapping by ground truthing your aerial LiDAR data. Our company produces some of the most accurate LiDAR digital 3D models and topographic maps available in the industry today. Unlike conventional GPS ground units, LiDAR data points are real time active x, y, z data points. LiDAR data is AutoCAD and MicroStation compatible. Topographical maps produced using GPS systems are an interpolation of land contours created from multiple shots randomly taken in the field. Aerial terrestrial LiDAR 

An aerial LiDAR survey will give you the most accurate topography map of your project. And since large areas are covered in a short amount of time, aerial LiDAR surveys are more cost effective than topographical maps produced by field crews using conventional GPS units on the ground. Aerial terrestrial LiDAR surveys also save time in the field as large projects are covered in hours or days instead of weeks or months.

A licensed professional land surveyor is essential to getting accurate land surveys. LiDAR Data Point Clouds are relative they need to be adjusted to what is actually found on the ground. LiDAR Data needs to be tied into property corners on every civil engineering project.

Why LiDAR Hawaii for Land Surveying Services?

Licensed Land Surveying Services

  • LiDAR Drone Topography Maps for small projects of 500 acres or less.
  • As-built Survey Maps
  • Shoreline Surveys + Shoreline Survey Maps
  • Shoreline Certificates
  • Flood Plain Analysis¬†
  • FEMA Certificates
  • Metes and Bounds Legal Descriptions
  • Ingress and Egress Easements
  • Utility Easements
  • ALTA Survey Maps
  • Land Court Maps
  • File Plan Maps
  • Land Development
  • Urban Development
  • Subdividing and Subdivision Maps
  • Pad Height Elevation Certificates
  • Roof Height Elevation Certificates
  • Subdivision Maps
  • Construction Stake Outs
  • Topographic Maps aka Contour Mapping
  • Ingress Egress Property Easements
  • Consolidation Re-subdivision Maps
  • K1 Escrow Staking
  • K2 Escrow Survey
  • LiDAR Survey
  • LiDAR Mapping
  • Survey Maps with Aerial Drone Photo Overlays
  • Building Envelope Stake Outs
  • Boundary Line Marking
  • Archeological Site Surveys
  • Property Line Marking
  • Property Staking
  • Property Survey

Looking for licensed professional land surveying services? 

We include land surveying services on all islands for our aerial terrestrial LiDAR and airborne LiDAR bathymetric projects. We also offer conventional land surveying services on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our newest land surveying services include aerial drone photo overlays on all of our land survey maps and LiDAR drone topographic mapping vs. interpolated topo maps using GPS.

Our land surveying company, Pattison Land Surveying, has been in business on the Big Island of Hawaii since 2003. In 2006, we started Aerial Surveying, Inc. offering LiDAR mapping services. After combining our two companies, we now do business as Aerial Surveying, Inc. dba Pattison Land Surveying. 

Pattison Land Surveying offers a wide range of licensed professional land surveying services like K1 staking certificates, K2 survey maps with survey report and survey maps with aerial drone photo overlays, LiDAR topographic maps, and much more.

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