Contact LiDAR Hawaii today for local Hawaii LiDAR drone terrain mapping and Bathymetric LiDAR seafloor terrain mapping. Thomas G. Pattison, owner of Aerial Surveying, Inc. is a State of Hawaii Licensed Professional Land Surveyor and LiDAR Mapping expert. Tom has 40 years of combined experience in LiDAR Drone Mapping, Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry and land surveying. LiDAR Hawaii performs LiDAR Mapping across all islands in Hawaii as well as worldwide. We provide global LiDAR mapping solutions for a wide variety of projects.

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About LiDAR Hawaii

Aerial Surveying, Inc. is proud to announce its newest service… Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry

Thomas G. Pattison, State of Hawaii Licensed Professional Land Surveyor No. 10743

LiDAR Hawaii Mapping Services

Contact LiDAR Hawaii today for state-of-the-art 3D high resolution LiDAR mapping services for your civil engineering or land surveying project. Our cutting-edge 2-in-1 Bathymetric LiDAR system maps underwater features and seafloor terrain. Mounting our new system on a gas-powered LiDAR drone allows us to do Bathymetric LiDAR without the high cost of traditional SHOALS. This makes our LiDAR bathymetry mapping services cost-effective for a wide range of applications from environmental conservation to shoreline erosion control to natural disaster damage assessment to coral reef mapping. 

Our new Bathymetric LiDAR system collects up to 180 points per square meter at a maximum depth of 23.1 meters. Our system also performs aerial terrestrial LiDAR mapping. This 2-in-1 LiDAR system allows us to map terrain along adjoining shorelines or coastlines and also map underwater features and ocean floor terrain. 

LiDAR Hawaii 3D Modeling Services

Looking for Hawaii digital elevation models? LiDAR Hawaii is your go to Hawaii GIS DEM company! Using your LiDAR data our company creates highly accurate 3D modeling producing both DEMs and DTMs (Digital Terrain Models). We create multi spectral images based on the remote sensing data collected in the field. We also provide high resolution georeferenced orthorectified images of your LiDAR project. Our photo mosaics are created using high-resolution aerial photographs of your project site and the latest photo stitching software. Laser scanned LiDAR data is real time active x, y, z data points. Therefore, our LiDAR point clouds are AutoCAD + MicroStation compatible. 

LiDAR Hawaii also offers a wide range of licensed land surveying services from topographic mapping using a LiDAR drone to as-built survey maps to flood plain analysis and much, much more. Please visit our Land Surveying Services website page for a complete list. 

About Tom Pattison

Licensed Land Surveyor

Owner of Aerial Surveying, Inc.


Tom received his State of Hawaii Professional Land Surveying License in 2003 (LPLS No. 10743). He then started Pattison Land Surveying on the Big Island of Hawaii. He went on to get his private pilot’s license before expanding into LiDAR Mapping. In 2006 Tom started Aerial Surveying, Inc. Tom is now a LiDAR Mapping expert with forty years combine experience in land surveying and aerial surveying.

After majoring in business management, Tom worked as a fire department lieutenant. He studied for the land surveying exam on his down time at the fire station and was licensed in 1994. Tom then went on to get licensed in four states: Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Hawaii.

In 2018, Tom partnered with radio frequency engineer David Farrell. Together they invented a new radio wave based foliage penetrating survey technology. With 2 approved patents and 3 patents pending they are now seeking manufacturing funding.

thomas-g-pattison-owner-aerial-surveying-inc-lidar-hawaiid Professional Land Surveyor Thomas G Pattison LiDAR Hawaii LPLS No 10743
LiDAR Hawaii Bathymetric LiDAR Dr Asner Testimonial Asner Labs

Dr. Greg Asner

The high-resolution Bathymetric LiDAR system Aerial Surveying, Inc. uses is unique. In short, LiDAR Hawaii has the most advanced suite of LiDAR mapping capabilities on the planet.

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